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Moving Biden Towards Community Demands: Unity Task Force Releases Recs

For the last several months, Mijente director and co-founder Marisa Franco has been part of the 'Unity Task Force,' a group that was brought together as part of the negotiations between the Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders campaigns. This group just released this policy blueprint. Read more below about the results of this process.

Remembering a Local Win on the Night of Trump's Election

A look back at a speech made by Marisa Franco in front of the offices of former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio on the night that he lost the election in 2016, before we found out that Trump had won the presidency. Mijente was one of the coalition partners that formed the BaztaArpaio campaign to defeat the Sheriff that election.

Getting Trump Out of Office is Linked to Our Survival

After years of denigration and violence from the government, for Latinos this election is a fight to demand respect. Now, in the middle of a global pandemic, it is linked to our very survival.

North Carolina: Please join me to get Trump out of office!

Camila Cardoza Herrera is currently a canvasser reaching out to Latinx voters in North Carolina. In 2016 Trump won the state by less than the same number of Latinxs that are eligible to vote but are not registered. One of Mijente’s goals in the state is to increase the number of Latinxs voting against President Trump, starting with making sure all people are registered.

We Must Double Down to Get Trump Out of Office

‍Today, we are launching the second phase of our #FueraTrump campaign. We are inviting Latinos who organized with Sanders to work with us to get Trump out of office and build power beyond 2020.

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