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Click here to support outreach to Latino voters for Georgia Senate race
We Must Double Down to Get Trump Out of Office
April 26, 2020

‍Today, we are launching the second phase of our #FueraTrump campaign. We are inviting Latinos who organized with Sanders to work with us to get Trump out of office and build power beyond 2020.

This post was published when Democratic presidential hopeful Senator Bernie Sanders announced that he would be dropping out of the race. Mijente had proudly endorsed Senator Sanders for Presidential candidate in the Democratic primary.

We are proud of the ways the Sanders campaign advanced and centered the experiences of millions of people in the United States. The campaign challenged power, embraced deep organizing, and broke through with Latinos in previously unseen ways.  

The Sanders campaign gave us a presidential-level operation to flex our power and demand better, but it’s up to us now to build the national political vehicle to continue mobilizing against Trump. He has always been our target, and our commitment to get him out is all the stronger.

After years of denigration and attacks, for Latinos this election is a fight to demand respect. Now, in the middle of a global pandemic, it is linked to our very survival. This public health crisis shed a painful spotlight on how Latinxs are among the most directly and disproportionately devastated as a result of having a cruel and negligent president in charge.

The upcoming general elections will be a referendum on COVID-19, the casualties, and the many, many, failures of the president and his government. As Latinx voters have already proven to be a game-changing force. And, we need to finish the job.

We must take what we know from grassroots organizing and learn from the lessons of the campaign and very intentionally address the ways in which it fell short while campaigning in this new all-virtual landscape. To help us learn those lessons and get to the next step, we welcome Rafael Návar, former Sanders California State Director and Neidi Dominguez, former Sanders National States Deputy Director, will join the #FueraTrump campaign as strategic advisors. The incredible turnout we’ve seen among Latinos this primary is a direct result of their commitment to political and organizing infrastructure. We welcome them back home as also Mijente members who helped found and grow this organization. Read more about them here.

We need to organize for a historic mobilization of voters in November. Through #FueraTrump, we will make sure that the issues that are relevant to us - things that were also championed by Sanders - remain at the forefront of the agenda. Universal healthcare; Green New Deal; $15 minimum wage; an end to deportations and the criminalization of migration, and legalization for 11 million undocoumented immigrants to name a few. We will engage Latinos across the country to organize and vote for the progressive values that have been the demands of the social justice movement for a generation.

Join us to defeat Trump in November.

Marisa Franco, Mijente Director

About Mijente:

Mijente​ is a political, digital, and grassroots hub for Latinx and Chicanx organizing and movement building. Launched in 2015, Mijente has been building this infrastructure long before getting involved in this presidential primary. We unseated one of the most racist sheriffs in the country with our campaign against Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio in 2016. After that, we endorsed and ran a campaign to elect Georgia’s Stacey Abrams for governor. Our work in Georgia increased the Latino vote by 300% in 2018. We have a long history of grassroots organizing and movement building outside of the electoral sector and are nationally recognized leaders in the immigrant rights movement. @conmijente - Mijente.net to join us.

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