¡Vamos Pa’lante!

It’s up to us to defeat Trump in November. The Sanders campaign challenged power, embraced deep organizing, and broke through with Latinos in ways other campaigns had not been able–or willing–to do. It gave us a presidential-level operation to flex our power and demand better, but it’s up to us now to build the national political vehicle to beat Trump. He has always been our target, and in light of the current public health crisis, our work to get him out of office is that much more urgent.

We’re just getting started.

After years of denigration and attacks, for Latinos, this election was a fight to demand respect. Now, in the middle of a global pandemic, it is linked to our very survival. Our work must not end. We are inviting Latinos who organized with Sanders to work with us to get Trump out of office and build power beyond 2020.

Tell the world you’re in this fight.

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