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Fuera Trump - We are 60 million Latinos to beat Trump

Count me in to get Trump out of office!

This election is a fight to defend our future and dignity.

We only get one chance to end Trump’s presidency, alleviate the harm on our gente, and clear the way to organize for change. We need to mobilize to make sure Latinxs around the country vote to get Trump out.

"The fight against Trump is for the future of our families. Our children deserve a world free from war, from debt, from deportations, and police. The next president won't give us all that, but removing Trump gives our communities the room to demand more and organize for the life we want for all of us."

Stephanie Llanes, Georgia
Stephanie Llanes, Georgia

Start by making sure you and your family are ready to vote.

Double (triple!) check your voter information, and if you’re not registered yet we’ve got you covered.

You can register to vote, apply to vote by mail, sign up for personalized alerts and information, and get ayuda en español. 

Help us go hard against Trump by inviting your gente.

Strengthen our campaign by volunteering.

Sign up to take action in any way needed to win this November.

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Fuera Trump - Throw down in battleground states or in your community.

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