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Click here to support outreach to Latino voters for THE Georgia Senate race
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Click here to support outreach to Latino voters for Georgia Senate race
Voting in the GA Senate Runoff
November 24, 2020

We know that the steps for voting can be confusing, but we want everyone to have the information they need to make a plan to vote. If you or someone you know needs information about registering to vote, getting an absentee ballot, or voting early in person -- you'll find what you need here.

With the Senate runoff race, Georgia is making history - again! With two Senate seats in the balance, the potential for lasting change is at stake. Below you'll find information for the January 5th Senate runoff race.

Register to Vote

Eligible Georgia voters can register to vote in the Senate runoff until December 7th. Make sure to check your registration: here.

👀: If you're turning 18 before January 5th, you can also register before the deadline and vote in the Senate runoff.

If you’re eligible, you can register as a Georgia voter online: here

Choose a Way to Vote

Registered voters can vote early in person, by mail, or on the runoff Election day for the Senate runoff race. Choose the way you want to vote, and click for more information.

👀: If you're voting in person, you need a valid form of photo I.D. to vote.

Vote Early In Person
Vote By Mail
Vote on Election Day

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