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North Carolina
Voting By Mail in NC!
September 16, 2020

Here you'll find helpful information and links to Voting by Mail for the November 2020 Election in North Carolina.

There are 5 steps to voting by mail in North Carolina. Please make sure all the appropriate steps are followed.

1. Make Your Request


2. Send your Request

If you made your request online, it’s already submitted, and now you wait for your 2020 ballot.

If you made your request on paper, you can:

  • Mail it back to the address on your form


    Ojo: It can take 7-10 days before you receive your 2020 Ballot in the mail.

3. Filling out your 2020 Ballot At Home 

   Once you get your ballot, closely follow all the instructions closely when filling it out. Make sure your selections are clear!

    Complete your absentee ballot in the presence of one witness and insert the ballot into the return envelope.

    Ojo: Your witness should not be able to see your selections. They simply must be present while you are filling out the ballot. 

4. Complete the Ballot Return Envelope 

   Make sure your ballot counts by finishing this important step!

  • Sign the outside of the ballot return envelope where indicated. 
  • Your witness signs and completes the witness certification. 

5. Return your ballot

There are a few ways to return your ballot so that your vote will be counted.

   1. Drop it off in person at your local elections office.

   2. Drop it off in person at a One Stop Early Voting site near you.

   3. Mail it one of these ways:

  • Put it in your own mailbox for the mail carrier to collect.
  • Put it in a Post Office blue mailbox.
  • Take it to a post office.

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