5 Things You Can Do Instead of Watching Tonight’s Debate
October 7, 2020

You don’t have to watch tonight’s Vice Presidential debate to help get Trump out of office.

You don’t have to watch tonight’s Vice Presidential debate to help get Trump out of office. Maybe you are already burned out from this exhausting election cycle. Maybe you watched last week’s debate and can’t handle any more white men yelling, or aren’t interested in watching Kamala Harris be mansplained to. Whatever your reason is, we accept you.

That said, getting Trump out of office is still a priority for all of us. So here are five of the things you can do instead of (or in addition to) watching tonight’s debate: 

1. If you can vote, make sure you are registered. Everything you need to register, check your registration and request a mail-in ballot is available here. Registration deadlines are approaching in many states, so check your status today. 

2. Whether you can vote or not, reach out to 10 folks in your family and community. Ask them if they already have a plan to vote and are registered. This kind of one on one outreach matters a lot, and can make a big difference in just a few minutes. 

3. Reach out to Latinx voters in battleground states. Go to fueratrump.com and sign up to help more of the Latino community get registered to vote and get Trump out of office. You can also text FUERA to 79606 to get campaign updates.  

4. Donate to campaigns, especially the non-presidential ones. Money matters in elections, even this late in the game, and especially for candidates down ballot who don’t get all the media attention. Check out this list of candidates Mijente has endorsed to see folks who are ready for your support. 

5. Join the Fuera Trump Caravana. While phone outreach is a great option to encourage people to vote, we know that the most effective way to ensure Trump gets voted out of office is for us to have real, in-person conversations with other Latinx voters (with a COVID safety plan, of course). Hundreds of volunteers are going door-to-door in Arizona and Florida--two of the most crucial battleground states that will decide the election--to make sure our gente heads to the polls as part of our Fuera Trump Caravana. Ready to join

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