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Click here to support outreach to Latino voters for THE Georgia Senate race
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Click here to support outreach to Latino voters for Georgia Senate race
North Carolina
Latino Voters can Make a Difference in Alamance
October 14, 2020

Latino voters in Alamance County will make the difference on Trump getting voted out of office and the local government making a change for the better.

We are so close to election day and it’s a life or death threat situation for our country as Trump continues to prove how dangerous he is to our gente. 

We’re mobilizing thousands of Latinxs to vote out Trump and to vote for key local candidates. We aim to help flip the state house in NC with these endorsements. Why? Because flipping the house means better policies and opportunities for our community, no matter who is President.  Latinos can make all the difference, in Alamance County and in the country.

This win is within reach: That’s why we’re doing our part to make sure that some of the seats that can flip are filled by representatives who support our gente. 

About Ricky Hurtado for House District 63

Ricky Hurtado is the son of working class Salvadoreños raised in rural North Carolina not far from Alamance County. In Alamance, Hurtado supports local campaigns like the effort to stop the county from resurrecting the 287g program and because he fights for what working people deserve. He will fight to expand Medicaid, increase the affordability of state colleges, and greater investment  If he wins, he will be the first Latino ever elected to the NC General Assembly. 

Vote Ricky Hurtado for NC-63!

About Dreama Caldwell for Alamance County Commissioner

Dreama J. Caldwell has spent 25 years serving the county in education and currently works in hospitality. Her goal is to ensure that Alamance county government is fair, equitable, and inclusive to all residents. Caldwell will fight for workers rights, safe and secure housing, fully funded schools for all children, a reasonable living wage, and to reduce the impact of climate change. If she wins, she will be the first Black woman elected to the Board of Commissioners.

Vote Dreama Caldwell for Alamance County Commissioner!

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