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Click here to support outreach to Latino voters for THE Georgia Senate race
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Click here to support outreach to Latino voters for Georgia Senate race
North Carolina
Sabado Gigante: Massive Doorknock Dedicated to Reaching Latinx Voters
September 17, 2020

We’re safely coming together to motivate our gente to vote Trump out and to support local state house candidates who align with our values.

Trump continues to prove that he is dangerous to our gente. This year our team in NC has been throwing down hard to support eligible Latinx voters along each step of the process. 

Now we’re working to mobilize thousands of Latinxs to vote against Trump, and to vote for key local house candidates who we’ve endorsed because they’re stances align with our values: Aimy Steele, Nicole Quick, Ricky Hurtado. We aim to help flip the state house in NC with these endorsements. Why? Because flipping the house means better policies and opportunities for our community, no matter who is President.  Latinxs can make all the difference, in North Carolina and in the country. 

Two weeks ago, we kicked off our Fuera Trump effort knocking doors in Alamance County, NC and we knocked over hundreds of doors, making sure that our gente are ready to vote and make their voices heard.

This Saturday we’ll be in Greensboro leading another massive doorknock to reach even more people!

Join our Sabado Gigante from 10-1pm as we motivate Latinx voters in Greensboro to vote out Trump AND to vote in a NC leader to local office, Nicole Quick. Nicole has worked with Black and Latinx organizers to stop the Guilford sheriff from working with ICE, so we want our gente to know that she's got our back.

This is our chance. It’s time to show our poder and how big our movement is. It’s time to encourage our friends and familia to join the fight. 

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Paid for by Mijente PAC, 734 W Polk St., Phoenix, AZ 85007, not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.