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North Carolina
Meet the NC Endorsed Candidates!
September 11, 2020

Latinxs in NC have the power to vote Trump out of the White House and flip the State House to take back our power.

All we need to do is flip 6 (six!) key seats.

We have less than two months to get Trump out of the White House and to take back our own State House in North Carolina. After ten years of Republican control — where Republican leadership waged an assault on the rights of immigrants, transgender people, workers, women, educators, and Black voters — 2020 could be the year we take the State House back. 

North Carolina has one of the fastest growing Latinx populations in the country, but our people receive little attention from the national parties are hungry for change. 

We’ve been building a diverse and inclusive organizing program in North Carolina because we know Latinxs can be the key to swing this state against Trump and flip the local power dynamic in our state government. We know this win is within reach: It’s why we’re proud to endorse  three top State House challengers, and one candidate for County Commissioner, who we know will fight for our values and for our families. 

We’re doing our part to make sure that some of the seats that can flip are filled by representatives who support our gente. Join us in helping make this happen.


Ricky Hurtado for District 63 -- Alamance County

Ricky Hurtado (D) is the son of working class Salvadoreños raised in rural North Carolina not far from Alamance County. He's a first-generation college student who also runs a nonprofit, LatinxEd, which supports and nurtures first-gen Latinxs college students. In Alamance, Hurtado supports a number of nonprofits like Down Home NC and Siembra NC and local campaigns like the effort to stop the county from resurrecting the 287g program. If he wins, he will be the first Latino ever elected to the NC General Assembly. 

Ricky Hurtado would replace  current Representative Stephen Ross (R) who has used his position in public office to protect big banks instead of working families, to support bills that endanger the environment, to block Medicaid expansion, and to slash unemployment benefits.

Aimy Steele for District 82 -- Cabarrus County

Aimy Steele (D) is an educator from Concord, one of the fastest-growing parts of the state, just north of Charlotte. A mother of five, she has pledged to work to increase spending on public education and to make sure hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians have access to health care through Medicaid expansion, among other priorities. Our friends at Down Home NC recently launched a chapter in Cabarrus and will be fighting hard to get Aimy elected. 

If she wins, Aimy Steele will replace  current Representative Kristin Baker (R) who was appointed by the NC Republicans and will be another supporter of their corporate agenda over the needs of working people.

Nicole Quick for District 59 -- Guilford County 

As chairwoman of the Guilford County Democratic Party, Nicole Quick (D) has worked with local Black and Latinx activists to push newly elected Democratic officials to adopt policies that would benefit our communities. For example, when the new county sheriff continuously stood up Black and Latinxs organizers with the Guilford for the People Coalition, she intervened to ensure he would show up and advocated strongly that he oppose HB 370, a "Show Me Your Papers" proposal that would have led to more ICE detentions. With her help, Sheriff Rogers reversed himself, becoming only the third sheriff in the state to publicly oppose HB 370. With the support of local Democratic officials in addition to active opposition by movement organizations, Governor Roy Cooper ultimately vetoed HB 370. 

If she wins, Nicole Quick will replace current Majority Whip Jon Hardister (R) who has helped win votes that would have forced all sheriffs to cooperate with ICE agents, banned transgender people from using bathrooms matching their gender identity, and required all voters to show ID at the polls.


Dreama Caldwell for County Commissioner -- Alamance County 

Dreama J. Caldwell was born and raised in Alamance County and is a proud product of its public school system. Caldwell has spent 25 years serving the county in education and currently works in hospitality. Her goal is to ensure that Alamance county government is fair, equitable, and inclusive to all residents.. Caldwell has spent her time as a grassroots organizer fighting for workers rights, for safe and secure housing, to fully fund schools for all children, for a reasonable living wage, and to reduce the impact of climate change. These are the values she would continue to champion if elected. If she wins, she will be the first Black woman elected to the Board of Commissioners.

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